This Time: Two of the Same Attract

November 9, 2009
I saw him staring
I thought "freak"
I had seen him before
That was it
I was convinced he was two old for me
Dude... I thought wrong

He came up to me
Struck me head-on
Knowing I was who he wanted this time
He asked me out:
I said yes,
Could anything be more simple?

We are the same person inside
We think the same way
Both feel out of place
Yet when we're together
Everything changes
The world could be watching and we wouldn't care
People think we're weird anyway
Maybe its good we don't care what others think

You're basically perfect
I can't think of anything to change
To your messy black hair
To your ripped up painters jeans
Even the bone that scrapes the skin, because you forget to eat
To me, you're perfect.
And thats enough for me

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