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November 9, 2009
By cruelgirl GOLD, Mason, Wisconsin
cruelgirl GOLD, Mason, Wisconsin
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passion fuels the heart -KO

When i stay up late, I feel tired
When i have too much pop, I feel wired
When I work a lot, I get mad
When I think of the past, I feel sad
When I hang with my friends, I feel happy
When I get real sick, I feel pretty crappy
When people I don't know say hi, I feel known
When my boyfriend dumps me, I feel alone
When I take a hard test, I get nervous
If I fail it, I usually feel I tried my best
When I do something stupid, I get embarrassed
When I don't take sides, I feel fairest
When both my friends get mad, I feel worried
When I'm late for school, my mom makes me feel hurried
When I do something wrong, I feel guilty
When I keep a drity little secret, I feel filthy
When my mom and dad fight, I feel bad
When I hang with the skaters, I feel pretty rad
When I get something new, I get pumped
When I loose a good friend, I feel dumped
When I gain new ones, I feel cool
But when I act like a fake, I feel like a tool
When I play soccer, I don't feel, I fly
Never again will I ever fry
In the world there's no hate, no pain
Just me, the ball, and my opponents, playing my game

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