you lift me up

November 8, 2009
i have given up
I've lost my way
and it's not to long before you point it out
I am blind to this world
i need your help
you turn your back
the pain washes over me
i fall into deep despair
it's to fark
i can not see
i have given up
and just let go
i feel warmth
it's in my chest
one i have not felt in a while
it grows and there is light
beautiful lights of red, and orange
dance from me
they fill the space
you left behind
they flow out and i feel once again
how is this possible
i do not know
he found me so far down
and yet he loves me so
he knows my pain
and takes it as his own
i am lifted up
higher than you
and you cannot bare the sight
you turn away once again
but now i'm to high with him to ever go down
so now i pray to god
that you wont drop me
or make me fall
back to were i might not be found
but there grip is strong
and i cant let go
for it holds me tight
reminding me i am not alone
so please hold me tight
and do not let go
for i will sink back to were i wont be found

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SilverDawn said...
Dec. 8, 2009 at 8:44 pm
you write amazing poetry. It's really good. yet another of your many great pieces. i can easily feel what you mean in this poem. it's deep, emotional, and very meaningful. keep writing~
silver_tear_drops replied...
Jan. 27, 2010 at 7:49 am
alot of the time im up to my neck in the emotion i express with poetry
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