November 7, 2009
By IsaakDeMaio PLATINUM, Williamsville, New York
IsaakDeMaio PLATINUM, Williamsville, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"I am a controversial figure; my friends either hate me or dislike me." ~ Toni Morrison

Real Poem:

krad eht ni sevil tI
niarb ruoy fo trap tsioM
skrabme ti taht yenruoj A
enacra si taht efil a hcuS

rewop etanicitaV
eye dekan eht ot elbisivnI
ruos os neeb reveN
eil a llet tonnac tI
maerts a ni retaw ekiL
dnim eht hguorht swolf tI
maerd s'ti sehcaer tI
dnik a fo eno si tahT

derettaps ylmrofinu sdroW
In a backwards type form
derettacs yldrawkwa sretteL
A poem written out of the norm

Translated Poem:

It lives in the dark
Moist part of your brain
A journey that it embarks
Such a life that is arcane

Vaticinate power
Invisible to the naked eye
Never been so sour
It cannot tell a lie

Like water in a stream
It flows through the mind
It reaches it's dream
That is one of a kind

Words uniformly spattered
mrof epyt sdrawkcab a nI
Letters awkwardly scattered
mron eht fo tuo nettirw meop A

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