Too Bad, So Sad

November 7, 2009
I stare into space
wondering how I have fallen to this disgrace
I have lied just to keep away
from the truth, from myself, from the pain that comes day by day

Will you ever love me?
Is what I want to ask
Or will you just learn to hate me?
Is a reality from the past

I have lost so much from feeling this way
I have been forced so many times to feel the pain day by day
To have you so close, yet you seem so far away,
To have this ache in my heart, that I can never say

Do you even love me?
Is what I want to know
But what I want to see
Is if this relationship wil ever grow

I dont know your feelings
I dont understand your dealings
I know you just as well as a brother
So I also know you have claimed to love another

So, please, just tell me that you dont love me,
And into the darkness I shall go
And then just promise to always be my friend
And I will be able to get through till the end

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