Thy who dances with black magic

November 7, 2009
By BrokenUnbroken PLATINUM, ...., New Jersey
BrokenUnbroken PLATINUM, ...., New Jersey
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The last step that is taken should be the first steep thought of,
And before you leap a reason must be uncovered,
You must be one step ahead and four steps behind,
So that you can see the future but remember the past,
You know but are brainless,
And you are in control but spinning wild,

For thy who dances with black magic must be in balance,
With intelligence and idiocy,
With every day,
With everything,

Because when you can predict the future,
And clearly remember the past,
You are intelligent,
And when you are clueless,
And make stupid mistakes,
You are camouflaging…

You are spinning wild, but perfectly in control,
You are brainless, but know everything,
You seam to be four steps behind, but are one step ahead,
You make up your mind before you leap,
You think of the last step first,
And are so ingenuous you are stupid.

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