November 6, 2009
I surrender, completely. You melted my heart.
Whatever would I do if we were to part?
You make my heart throb, you make my heart beat,
There's nothing to do but admit my defeat.

I've never fallen like this before!
Your love's pierced my heart right through the core.
Why is it you that has made me this way?
Why do I melt when I see you every day?

I'm falling for you, head over heels.
You really don't know how this love feels.
It's here every second, every hour, every day,
Without your existence, the world would be gray.

I wish I could tell you about how I feel.
This love is so strong, it doesn't seem real.
Why do I have to be so painfully shy?
I can't do anything but begin to sigh.

Perhaps, someday, I'll tell you how I feel.
My heart is what you so cunningly steal.
Maybe I'll tell you tomorrow or today,
Or maybe, someday, you'll show me the way.

Every time I think about you,
Every time I see you,
What's this?
I'm blushing.

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