Me + You

November 6, 2009
Your hands are around my neck
So soft and comfortable
A circle of warmth around me
Protecting me from the world
Of hate and guilt I’ve learned to
Hate with all my heart
‘Til I found you.

I speak your name
And relief comes over me
A layer of guilt washed away
Forever to be lost in a place
That’s name is not spoken.

But your name is to be spoken
Forever and ever in my mind
It will keep playing and playing
A broken record I will always keep
Though it is broken
In my mind it is perfect
But not as perfect as we are for each other.

Though I hated the world
You changed that for me
I came to love everyone and everything
But most of all you
Your skin and breath and shoes and hair
But most importantly your eyes
Which burn through me
But in a good way
A gentle warmth
Not a dark burning
The only kind of intense heat that I really love
That helps me get through the day.

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