On the Fence Looking Over

November 6, 2009
By Bandgeek16 BRONZE, Grandview, Tennessee
Bandgeek16 BRONZE, Grandview, Tennessee
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Caught in your secret doings
By a being beyond your fence
But did they spy you...hope not
The signs point to yes
But you fight aganist this positive
As you hope it is not true
For this being you have seen before
And you hoped to have be seen by them too
But not like this...in your secret doings

The being wonders away
Without a turn to you
Maybe they never spotted you
This thought you ponder for the longest time

You hear sound beyond your fence
And wonder if it's them
You do not want to be seen
But you still peek over the fence

So here you are
On the fence looking over
Not sure if you want to be seen or spoke to
By the being that could have been
Looking Over

The author's comments:
This poem could be taken in many different ways, it just depends on the person or circumstance. To me this is about someone, who I liked, that might have seen me in my backyard at an embarrassing moment.

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