November 5, 2009
By Hidden_Rose17 BRONZE, Not Telling, Missouri
Hidden_Rose17 BRONZE, Not Telling, Missouri
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Here you are again
I see your face
Hear your voice so clear that it could kill me
Feel the touch of your hand on mine
I cant live without you
I need you like the air I breathe
You entrance me with every touch, every smile you flash, every word you speak
The sweet scent around you surrounds me and consumes me
Everytime you hold me close I feel my heart beat fast
I look into your eyes
To see them shining
brighter than stars
I take your hand in mine and wish that this dream would never end
Feeling in complete bliss I find myself falling for you
You place a velvet night purple in my hand and whisper that you'll always be with me
I cant imagine life without you but I have to.
You're a dream
I cant seem to get you out of my life though
Because every night as I look at the night sky to see a star shine before I go to sleep to meet you in our own world
I hear your words
"I'll always be with you"

The author's comments:
This is about a guy i keep dreaming about for some strange reason.

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