Too Late

November 10, 2009
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It was too late.
Human beings met their fate.
They should have known.
They should have grown.
Not themselves but the trees.
Who cried out, “oh please!
Stop cutting us down,
And making us frown,
As you take away our space,
At a such a quick pace!”
But not just they, no not just them,
Many others would condemn.

The creatures of the air, land, and sea cried,
“Listen to our rules, and please abide,
You have not tried!
And too many have died.
So we state this as a fact:
You must pick up your act!
Which you have slacked,
For you have no tact,
The Earth has suffered from YOUR pollution,
And yet you are the ones without a solution!
You say, “Why, it’s not in the constitution,
Anyways, don’t worry! Just adapt by evolution!”
Do you think we are machines?
We cannot change so quickly! By any means!”

People shouted, “We have needs, so we will take,
This is all for our sake!”
But they failed to be fair,
And took no care.

So the creatures declared, “Here are the rules,
Listen to them! Don’t be fools,
One, When you take, give back,
Two, Keep our water blue, not black,
When you fill the air with smoke,
Take warning: it’s no joke.
It could hurt your own folk,
By making them choke.”

The humans put in half a try,
And did not understand quite why,
The world was getting drier still,
Hotter, poisoned, smoke filled. Until,

Woefully the humans cry, for their hope is lost.
As living things die, people see the great cost.
Soon, the world is silent, with barely a sound.
Suddenly, a plant pops from the ground.

The author's comments:
People need to learn to cope,
otherwise, Mother Nature will give them no hope.
Not fanatically,
but emphatically,
we should clean our own messes, as the parent stresses.

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