please god help me

November 5, 2009
little_miss_gothvamp666 BRONZE, Kerang, Other
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“Please god help me stop the pain” my plea pierces the sharp air,
Covered in blood lying in a ditch barely breathing cold and wet searching for answers,
Hoping that the lightning will strike me dead where I lie, I don’t understand what it is I feel inside it makes me weak with desire, eternal sleep.

Stop the flood my life is one big natural disaster tornado flood and drought,
Needing the vice of life keeps the venom of hate pumping,
Quick slip of the knife pours the pain in. Stitch up the wound let the flesh burn,
Tear me up inside out feed the cruel dogs the remains im nothingness cease to exist.

Evil laughing taunts you the peoples plan are complete watch me crash and burn,
Like a nobody forgotten with time never remembered why would I be?
There’s no reason it’d make me happy
To be that suicidal ** forgotten with time.

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