Opposites. Equals. Alikes. Love

November 4, 2009
By MeLiSSa! BRONZE, Houston, Texas
MeLiSSa! BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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!Aay mann,you're mean!

-----In and out;; day and night;; sun and moon...and you and me. Complete opposites;; but like magnets, we attract! I've longed for escape for quite a while, he's broken my heart and still i smile. Yet, he will not prevail, for i am the one to avail--and of his own desires. While I yearn for them as well as does he, I will not let him win this war. For I am a commander;; a commander of the broken and I will mend all those wounds, scars, cuts and pains that have been presented upon us. For a wound is not only a burden, it is also a blessing. --And when it's gone..not only are you healed but also, you can prevent any new harms coming. Love will be my virtue to protect;; although love itself is the wound I am blessed with. Painful yet great.! Once again my opposite has counter-acted my scheme and pushed me lower in this well of despair. --But he has also re-built the steel-iron wall that he himself tore apart. He's made me smile wider, my laughs harder, my eyes glimmer, my nights harder, my days a lie, me...he's made me stronger. Each crack and tear he's left will mend as will I. --And neither or both will hurt again. He frowns, I smile. He smiles, I laugh. He cries, I almost die... It's killer the way I feel about you. It's killer too, the way you felt about me. Too bad that both of these killer facts are all too bleak to acknowledge. Soon enough our hearts will reconvene and we will suffer no more. You will be mines;; as I am now yours. --And we will smile a gorgeous smile that will shine and never be outshone. For our shine will be that of two lovers;;that through wo' and glee...I will still love thee and thee will still love me. So now I smile and it is not a mask;;my smile is pure as are my feelings for you ??

The author's comments:
I just recently had my heart broken,nut like always...i do my best writting when I'm down in the dumps!

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Josefina27+2 said...
on Nov. 25 2009 at 3:32 pm
that's was great hope you keep up the good work. we luv you!!


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