Until Another Day

November 3, 2009
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Voluntarily forced
To wield the metaphorical dagger
Throwing knives ready and sharpened
Guns locked and loaded
Spotting the target
Running over plans
Victim is surrounded
Cut off from the all too interested audience
An audience, who see nothing, hear nothing, do nothing
The torture begins
And the pain is relentless
No one cares
No one is there
Cries of anguish and despair
Yet still they show no mercy
The torrent of abuse only grows worse
Daggers fly, blades slice
And yet still there is no intervention
Boredom sets in
And the attackers drift away
Crying in anguish and despair once more
Crumpled on the floor, bleeding in agony
Left alone, left in depressing peace
Left until another day

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