The End

November 3, 2009
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I stand on the beach
My feet covered in the tide
I stare back at land
Shedding no tears
As the world burns
The fires consume in order to cleanse
The world from evil
I do not flinch as I hear screams
Of my fellow beings
They had their choice and made theirs
To embrace evil things
And follow wicked men
They beg for a chance to start anew
As the fire nears
They beg their creator for life
And Salvation
But their creator isn’t there
As they feel the heat
The human race understands it’s damnation
And the liars have no more lies to tell
The thieves have nothing left to steal
The murders have nothing left to kill
The human race had no more evil to commit
And it weeps
At it’s doom now at hand
The fire touches them
And it melts the skin
Some screamed yet,
Most died silently and solemn
Knowing the wrong they had done
Accepting their damnation
They had their choice and
They chose wrong
I look back at the ocean
And walk into the
Frigid water
I go under so my sins
And life would be
No more
For this was the End

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