November 2, 2009
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I stand here in the cold waiting.
Waiting for someone.
I’m not sure who but I know that I must wait here.
May it be a day, a year, a century, or entirety?
I will wait as long as time permits.
It doesn’t matter how long I wait just as long you come.
Waiting seems boring but it’s not.
Knowing that something good will happen will make it pass so quickly.
But as the days pass, doubt forms in my heart.
Doubt only makes it blunt.
It makes you beg for it to end.
The begging never stops.
It rings in your head for so long.
Hot tears begin to stain my face.
Hope disappears in the dark abyss that is in my heart.
I cry for them until my voice becomes hoarse.
My legs buckle and the cold takes it toll.
I lay there waiting unable to move and unable to speak.
Realization only makes it worse.
I finally become sure who I was waiting.
It was my lover.
A person appears in front of me.
I lose consciousness as soon as they begin lift me into their arms.
Bursts of heat spread through my body.
Then waves of constant heat crash against each other.
My body overflows with warmth as strong as a raging wild fire.
I awaken to find a person curled up next to me.
I know I can trust this person so I curl up with them like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly.
I close my eyes to find myself being chased but laughing while I run away.
I don’t really know who’s chasing me but I don’t care because I’m happy.

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