November 2, 2009
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I woke this morning to the pitter patter of rain
Off to work I went
A normal weekend at the bagel shop
The smell of bagels just draws you in
But stays on you like you never left
Seeing bagels so often
You start dreaming about them

I’ve had dreams that have become nightmares
A normal beautiful day
With a short line
Then suddenly groups of people
Like bees swarm in
Demanding bagels
Bagels flying like Frisbees
The people like animals
Climbing over the counter
Thank goodness it was just a dream

Back to bagels
Their shapes like doughnuts
Seeds of sprinkles
Cream chesses of many flavors
Sizzling bacon, fried eggs, melted cheeses
From butter to fish
They can all go on a bagel
Bagels are like supermodels they can work anything

Their insides are like teddy bears
Filled and fluffy
Stick them in the oven like cookies
Bake them and the magic comes alive

There isn’t just one type of bagel
It can go from blueberry to garlic
Or a combo
Like whole wheat everything

Working in a bagel shop, I’ve seen some odd requests
Liver to pickles
Cream cheese and tuna
Mayo and bacon
Coleslaw to hot sauce
They say don’t serve something that you wouldn’t eat
But they ordered it
Bagels are like the popular kids
They somehow fit in

Their homes are the millions of bagels shops
And there are millions of workers like me
Making your creative creations reality

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