A Thousand Words

November 2, 2009
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The place or time I cannot seem to remember
Although it was California, I believe
From the days we were dressed exactly alike
Strangers thought we were twins more often than not
A time when my big sister was actually taller than I
When we were young and naïve

She’s crouched down so we’re at the same height
And her arms are wrapped around me tightly
I, with a blanket wrapped around my head
She, with bunny ears atop her hair
So clean, so new
So young and naïve
We stand there together

Look to the left and you will see
Something that might mean absolutely nothing
A shadow, just one
Single, solitary, small
Combining our hearts and our souls

All around us, we stand in a bare, dirt field
But look closely, there is something to see
New grass sprouts up through the ground
So young and naïve
In the distance you can see rolling green grass
Mountains up high, against the giant blue sky

But in between the present and future
There’s a rope and a fence
Not big, thick or strong
Barely noticeable you see
Still there nonetheless

But it’s not what you see that matters most
Not the enormous planes or towering mountains
Nor the dirt and the grass
It’s not the two little girls, front and center
But the shadow that stands there alone
Keeping them connected
From the first day to the last

And there’s nothing like
That moment you know
She’ll be with you
Wherever you go

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