I Just Want My Trust Back

November 1, 2009
And it's like...
Once that one guy has hurt you,
Once that one guy has lied to you
Once he used you, destroyed you,
You can't seem to trust

You can't get too close
To anyone that you really like,
Because you know that in the end
You'll just get hurt
Just like before

Every time someone tells you
That you're beautiful,
Or that they love you,
You can't believe them,
You don't want to
Because you just know they're lying

Once that one guy has wrecked you,
Torn your little heart to bits
And threw the pieces on the ground,
Then stomped all over them
With his big, stupid, feet

Once that's happened to you,
You feel like it's going to happen

And you can't trust anyone,
You just deny everything they say
And it's like it's so hard
To let anyone in
When all you want to do
Is let him out

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Andrew:)139864133432 said...
May 3, 2010 at 8:10 am
i like the poem. i am sorry if a guy actually made you feel that way.
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