Monster Under My Bed

November 1, 2009
-Theirs a monster under my bed
-No matter how hard I try, I can't understand anyting it has said
-Why does he choose to torture me, why my bed
-Attempting to sleep tonight, I shall surely dread
-Maybe their is a way to stop him
-Make mom leave the lights on, insted of nearly dim
-Have I dome someting wrong, I do all my chors
-I just have no idea why he does this
-Stays up all night, and continue to rawrs
-Could this be a test of becoming a man
-Someting set up, part of my fathers master plan
-I must fight this beast, show him who's boss
-Make him regret the boy he just crossed
-Tonights the night, i must let my fears go
-Theirs a monster under my bed
-And tonight, It's going to be DEAD

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