Abuse is Good For No One

October 30, 2009
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It's all
Lies and jokes
And fun and games
It's just
Innocent laughter
And name calling
It is described
It is done
To the point
To where someone cries
It makes people angry
It makes them feel low
It creates a worthless feeling
Inside of them
Oh,it's nothing
It's just playing around
But really
It hurts
It scares
And it tears people down
Others don't realize
They think
There's just an overreaction
But they're not the ones
Yelled at
And touched
And given bruises to wear on their sides
They won't know what it's like
'Til it happens to them
Then it's too late
No one will act
No one will listen
Because it's just
An 'overreaction'

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