We Were Friends

October 29, 2009
By Anonymous

We were friends, you know.
Do you remember?
We played imaginary games,
We had sleepovers,
We could just sit and talk,
And it was easy.
I could cry in front of you
And know that you’d be there
To hold my hand.
We shared secrets and clothes and our innermost thoughts.
I was always your partner at soccer practice.
When we each broke our arms at the same time,
You signed my cast, and I signed yours.
I was there when you had your tonsils out,
Telling you the pain would go away,
Because I knew from when I had mine out,
And you were there for me.
I could go over to your house, unannounced,
And I knew you’d be there and we could hang out.
You were my best friend.
But what happened?
We were put into separate classes,
We hung out with different people,
And I hardly ever saw you.
When we did see each other,
It was awkward and unfamiliar,
Like I hardly even knew you.
We would still carpool to school,
Until it became harder and harder for you mom to get you to eat.
You left school, and I missed you.
When I brought you your homework,
You were distant and sad,
And I knew you were suffering.
My heart went out to you,
And I prayed for you daily,
Because, you see, I never stopped caring,
Never stopped wishing that things could go back,
Back to the way things were,
When we were friends and it was easy.
When you came back to school,
I was so glad,
Though we still were distant and strange to one another.
When we passed in the halls,
I would smile, and you would return it,
But that was all.
That summer I moved away,
Still wishing we were still friends,
Wishing we could have resolved whatever went wrong.
Even now, I remember with fondness
All those carefree, happy, easy times we had,
Laughing at my house, relaxing at the beach, swinging in your hammock.
I miss those times and I miss you.
And I wish that we were friends again.

The author's comments:
Real or imagined? You decide.

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on Nov. 20 2009 at 5:58 pm
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this is so sad and touching. the emotion in it is great. it's really putting into words what happens so often with great friends.

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