Old Worn Out Boots

October 29, 2009
By xobrittyy PLATINUM, New City, New York
xobrittyy PLATINUM, New City, New York
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Old Worn out Boots

My old favorite pair of boots
sits in the back of my closet,
collecting more and more dust by the minute.
Haven’t been worn in a long time,
they just sit there and watch the others
leave one by one.
When I first got these boots,
they were the only pair of shoes
that I wanted to wear.
I even wanted to wear them to bed.
Now they sit there,
all alone, with no one around.
Every now and then,
I pull them out just to look at them,
but never have the urge to put them on.
When I first bought them,
they were a nice dark brown color
made of leather
with tiny designs of sequins on the side.
Now they’re all faded,
almost all of the sequins
have come off.
Sometimes I think about throwing them away,
But I can never bring myself to do it.
There have been many fun memories in those boots
That I would never change for anything.
Like the time I first wore them to school,
And everybody loved them,
Or the time I wore them to the carnival,
And I walked around like a model on a runway.
My old favorite pair of boots
That sits in the back of my closet,
maybe one day
will stop collecting dust,
And collect more memories
out in the world.

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