October 27, 2009
By pshhitsally BRONZE, Chalfont, Pennsylvania
pshhitsally BRONZE, Chalfont, Pennsylvania
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Don't Give Someone Your Everything, Because When Your Everything Is Gone You'll Have Nothing Left - Ally dasch

The ocean breeze captures my breath tumbles my fears from the pit of my stomach into the open.
I sit at night alone on the rocks looking at the distant night wave’s crash against the walls of the rocks next to me.
I hear calling of names, kids running in the sands behind me, walking up to the boards of motion.
I do not speak I do not blink,
I reminisce deeply in my head my imagination.
I take my loneliness, my hate, and my tears all out so that it blends in with my surrounding and washes away.
There is no place I’d rather be along at night than on the beach.
The tears of hard times run down my face, a new slate is created. All my worries melt away.
Against the sand I climb off the rocks, walk back to my place.
Swiftly down the alleys of 7th street,
I shall no longer things of you, or see you,
And you remain a memory.
A memory that once was but was now left behind.

The author's comments:
I picked this poem because it had the most effect on girls when I read it out loud. I had so many come up to me telling me they know exactly how I feel. This poem had inspiration from the picture of Mary Cassata with the Child in the sand. I picked the picture when I saw it because I know so much about her. I love the beach just as much. I spend most of my summer there. When I looked at the picture the thing that first came to mind is the rocks that go out into the ocean. I love to sit there and just relax just feeling like the only one right there and nothing matters. This poem / picture are taken place in Ocean City, New Jersey. It is about feeling like you have to give up and finally move on.

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