"Going Under"

October 25, 2009
By mercer721 SILVER, New York, NY, New York
mercer721 SILVER, New York, NY, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"I write about...the masses! The individual doesn't count in modern society."
"But aren't the masses made up of individuals?"
"Don't quibble."
(not my own personal quote, but I like it - from "Stage Door")

The sky was stained by a brilliant blue
As smiling clouds rolled, lazy, across it.
How calm, welcome, the beach was then, and safe,
But that small wave was a beckoning hand.

But lo, the wave grows so high and mighty!
Building its vast empire of water.
The floating raft is ignored, pushed away.
I watch it leave you sinking slowly down.

Last glance up, you see the sunlight above
Not to be touched, the sea swallows your life.

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