If Only I Can Change the World

October 24, 2009
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We must act now and not later
for too long the problem will grow greater
be joyful be sorrow
for there might not be tomorrow
no night no morning
all because of Global Warming
If only I can change the world

No war no violence
for all there will be is silence
moms yelling children crying
for everyone is dying
no families no wives
if we continue to kill lives
If only I can change the world

Money spent money earn
but we never learn
too much is too much
but for some there is no such
money received money refused
it is something we all abuse
If only I can change the world

Poor or wealth
it depends on what we are dealt
no food no home
all we can do is roam
hunger that you cannot bare
but the thing is that no one cares
If only I can change the world

People come people go
but no all of us know
the world is rapidly evolving
and what we need is problem solving
this planet needs a lot of change
and these are in anyone’s range

I can change the world

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