Who's There?

October 23, 2009
By Ce-Ce BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Ce-Ce BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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She's walking through the rain
No one can see her pain or sorrow
No one can see the suffering she's went through
No one can see the loneliness she feeling
To everyone shes nothing

She tries to tell the world what she's going through
But no ones listening

She tries to explain her pain
But no ones cares

She tries to chow them her loneliness
But no ones looking

She's been waiting for that special some one to come comfort her
But no one seems to be around

But one day some one comes and hands her an umbrella under the rain

They tell her their here for her
That their ears are wide open

She spills everything she's been going through
While she talks their listening

She begins to cry
They comfort her telling her its ok

Now she knows that someone out there really does care

The author's comments:
This piece pooped up in my head and i just wrote it down

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