I Have Seen the Rain Cry

October 22, 2009
By cheacliatt SILVER, Martinez, Georgia
cheacliatt SILVER, Martinez, Georgia
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My breath becomes shallow
Your shadow passes through me
A weightless shifting of thoughts
And I love you.

A month of forgiving
A single thought coursing
A reason to repent
And I love you.

We're drifting, my dear
I'm leading the pack through the blizzard
A blizzard of what?
And I love you.

The eyes are on us
Yet I only feel you
A ringing in my skull
And I love you.

Where do my lies end?
Where do their fears lay?
Where does your love belong?
And I love you.

Your memories are soft
My feelings are hard
Laughter is all we have
And I love you.

I've seen the rain cry.
It said it was sorry.
I don't know what it meant


And... I love you.

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