October 22, 2009
If I try to be someone that I am not
Am I still somebody
Or just a cheap imitation
If I wish to fly a kite
In the middle of June
If there is no one to see me
Would the kite still fly or would it be a trickery of my mind
I jump off a bridge but do not hit the ground
Am I still falling towards it
Or did I fall into the sky
That is beneath me or above me
To my right or to my left
To or fro
This and that
To die a thousand deaths with each one worst than the last
Have I ever died
Or have I been transported to my own personal Hell
Forever & Eternity
Hand in hand
With all of the other secrets lovers
of the night
binding their time to escape into the light
For the world to see their everlasting;
Love for one another
Til death they shall slumber
Their love turns the fire
That warms the cold corner room
And burns the skin off of their trust passers
While they are asleep and or awake
They are the tears of the child whose fear
Is being left in the dark alone
And having it to come true
But also the longing of the heart to be pieced together
For when it does it changes like the caterpillar outside the window
On the lone tree branch
This is love
And beautiful

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KoolChik said...
Mar. 25, 2010 at 5:26 pm
Omg. It was a long list but I understood everything it's like you're everywhere and no where at the same time. I love this poem.
TwilightButterfly replied...
Mar. 25, 2010 at 11:27 pm
Thank you for your comment I hope you like my other material
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