Friends Forever

October 27, 2009
Friends Forever
We used to say,
but i didn't happen that way

We lasted to whole years
before you did it.
You stopped speaking
to me

I don't know why.
None of my other friends stayed with me

Now you're not even
the girl i remember.
Now you're dressed in black


I'll always love you though
even thought
you broke
my heart.

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tech 1 said...
Nov. 3, 2009 at 12:08 pm
I had this very same experience years ago as a senior in high school. My best friend of 15 years (yes, we became friends at age 3) suddenly stopped talking to reason, no explanation. We were like close sisters who did everything together and shared every feeling and secret that we had..with each other. She started hanging with others who were not like her and she became one of them.....It's been over 30 years and though I know I should have let this go decades ago, it still puzzles... (more »)
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