Our moment

October 26, 2009
By Cassieslullaby DIAMOND, Dubuque, Iowa
Cassieslullaby DIAMOND, Dubuque, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
"Said we go to war just to bring us together, I believe in Love, I believe in forever..."

"Eyes see everything..." -Devon Torble,

"Caught up in love"- Joseph M. Lyons,

"I speak my words, through a broken truth,
...I bite my lip, and taste its guilt,
I see heaven on the horizon, but I turn my back,
Paradise must wait,
For when it dies,
The truth shall be revealed…" - Joseph Michael Lyons,

"Seen through an angel’s eyes,
I’ve found love where it truly lies,
And when that angel cries,
All my pain slowly dies…" - Cassandra Burnes and Joseph Lyons

One moment,
One second,
One love,
One kiss,

Our passion shown through our actions,
Our love expressed through the rhythm of or hearts,

We gaze into our own selves,
We stare smiling at one another,
Laughing and pulling one another closer,
As close as we can possibly get,
Our faces nearly touching,
Our hands entangled as one,

We are perfectly content with nothing other than each others presence,
We lye,
Hand in hand,
Arms around the one we truly care about most,
We are happy,
We are alive,
For the very first time,
We can feel our pulse,
Hear our hearts race,
Feel our very world begin to tremble,
We know that this is it,
This is perfection,
This is the one,
This is our moment,
Our song,
To our dance,

One moment,
One second,
One kiss

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