The Woman I Need Her To Be

October 26, 2009
By Anonymous

I try to make it work
But I just don’t understand
Why she can just step up and be a woman
She says she’s got issues
That she’s trying to be better
But all I know is that my tears are getting wetter
I’m supposed to be sympathetic
For the demons she has to fight
But I’m the one crying alone at night
She leans on everyone
Pushing until they break
I stand on my own controlling my own fate
Her life’s been hard
That’s what I’m told
But I felt that same pain when I was nine years old
From the same situation
We’ve taken different perspectives
It pushed our lives in such different directions
Her soul fell
As mine began to shine
What’s wrong with her if I’m doing fine
Why is she so messed up
When the only thing wrong with me
Is her not being the woman I need her to be

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