Walk, Don't Run

October 26, 2009
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What happened to the infamous childhood saying, “Walk, don’t run”?
A non-euphoric harmony that tainted silly acts of fun,
Years later, a teenager yearning for answers unspoken,
No matter the age, running with scissors ends with a pure heart broken.

The era; a stairwell, one step forward and infinite back,
Truth comes when patience and understanding forever lack,
Failing to float, drowning in passionate tears,
My love, what happened to being together for many years?

Please don’t lose sight of me, or I won’t ever surface,
Because I know you and I have tremendous purpose,
But that’s only if faith we maintain,
We must labor for it, it’s not free, and yes it shall pain.

But if we put the time in now, we’ll win big soon,
And won’t cry like werewolves to the moon,
Knot your hand with mine, plastered together,
I won’t ever let go, for our love shall last forever.

Distance for the bold, love for the strong,
If you believe in me, then baby, you’re right where you belong.

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