The Women dressed in Black

October 21, 2009
She sat at the beach
Dressed all in black,
Hoping to one day see him back.
There are no questions asked,
when someone passes her by,
Because we all know not to look,
or even say hello.
We all know her story, how sad It is to say,
That the one she loved most,
dragged her children away.
it was because of her quick love affair.
That she has no words to say,
except one word to her,
love affair.

She loved him so
But it was to much,
that because of this “MAN”,
She now sits at the beach,
All dressed in Black.

It’s not that she didn’t care,
Its not that she had a golden hard lock,
on the entrance of her heart.
It’s just that when It came her Man,
Her children had no way,
or words with her.
She had made them stay away from her,
Not physically but emotionally,
She no longer attended their school activities,
nor their daily routine,
she pondered about her lovers awake,
following him,
every step of the way.

Her children grew up knowing their father,
that as time went by,
Slowly broke away.
With the coming of their mothers,
In which she claimed he would stay.
In her eyes he became the man,
But to her children he became
He would do to them whatever he pleased,
He would slap, spank, chock, push, shove,....
He had,

As her children grew,
they became aggressive, violent, and hurt.
She had no idea of what her man did.
All she would say:
why do they act this way?
Years went by and she never noticed,
what made her children that way.
Until it came the day she finally knew,
It was six in the morning,
her youngest daughter,
Had no more to say, because instead of using words,
Took action instead.
She jabbed the silver shiny sharp knife,
into that Man,
The man who had cost her pain,
as well as all the feelings,
To take his life away.

The women woke to find that morning,
Her daughter causally sitting before her Lover.
His cold dead body,
drowned in blood.
Her daughters silence filled the entire room,
With no words.
She felt alone,
she no longer had her lover.
The man she had devoted herself into.

Cremation felt like the right process for this woman to take,
Her man’s ashes were spread along the ocean,
Where this women till today remains yelling
At the oceans sky blue waters.
She wants him back, but
Little does she know that the kids she once
abanded were her

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SweetXxXTart18 said...
Oct. 28, 2009 at 12:38 pm
Oh my gosh. I am completely in love with this poem!! Great work!!!!
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