Some say its easy

October 20, 2009
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Some Say It’s Easy

Some say it’s easy,
But they’ve never been trapped.
Trapped inside this hole you’ve dug,
This hole you’ve dug too deep.

No matter how hard you try,
Or how many steps you’ve built.
The walls come crashing down,
Down on the person you call yourself.

Some say it’s easy,
But they don’t know what it’s like.
To be hanging on for your life,
The life that used to be okay.

No matter how hard they try,
Or how much help they bring.
Not even your best of friends can help you,
Help you get on the right track.

Some say it’s easy,
But they can’t even imagine.
What you’ve been through,
And what you can’t get out of.

No matter how loud you scream,
Or how much you cry,
No one is really listening,
Listening to the pain hidden inside.

Some say it’s easy,
But they have no idea.
Because what it’s doing to you,
Has a greater affect then you’d think.

No matter how much you hate it,
Or how bad it’s pulling you under,
You continue struggling,
Struggling for the life you’ve lost.

Some say it’s easy,
But it’s not.

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