October 20, 2009
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Eyes wide open, Hands full of water.
Mouth, speechless. Mind- Dead. Today the earth stands still.
We wait, we watch, we want. Something is bugging, Can’t sit still.
Wanting a Release, Needing freedom. Anticipation at its finest,
Waiting to burst, like a small bubble in an earthquake. Needs a push.
Breathing quits, with weak enthusiasm. Room spinning, waves of colors bring the horizon. We get weak useless. Booooooooooooommmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It hits you.
You let go of everything, like there’s no tomorrow. We wait, we wonder, we watch as the world passes us by. Time flies, I fall into a great abyss of space, Time police, watch men, clock-works. Underneath the powers of time, we all dream for strength, forgiveness, and lust. You see that person, I do too. Thinking bubbles, black magic and color streams of unicorns. We find a way to deposit our thoughts and precious memories into a chamber.
It waits to be unleashed. Once it has no chain, the world seems to have no more meaning. We seem to head towards the Apocalypse. Wondering when it will end, seconds, minutes, hours, days. We wonder. When will the next time be when we see daylight, cold mist against our cheeks, and the warmth of the sun paralyzing us with an intense sense?
We wake up, no sun, no moon. Only the stars that lie above us. We have no symptoms that describe our prescription we need filled. With out the power, we can’t fly. I need that release, you need it. How would the world survive with out it? I give you Evolution.

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