Word Of Wisdom

October 20, 2009
By Anonymous

A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.
My son,
Always remember these words I told you
They are more precious than gold or silver
They will clear your sight.
My son,
Do not slumber with your two eyes closed,
When you owned a pot of gold
The eyes of traitors are watching.
The storms might be uncontrollable
Always listen to your heart,
Their sighs are the ultimatum of success
Do not yield according to the desire of the body
Do not call your friends a traitor
Do not engage in a combat,
You never know what will become of you.
Do not listen to the words of fools,
They will sting you like scorpions
Do not yield to their advice,
You will get drowned in their foolishness.
Do not accept their gift,
You will get entangled in their deceit.
Do not listen to rumours
They are created by your enemies.
If they ask for forgiveness,
Always look at your back.
My son,
Listen to the words I told you,
They will make you grow in wisdom.
Listen to the stars
The sky is more than your limit.
Abide by these words
They will make you wise
Be good my son,
For there is always a reward,
According to what you reap, you shall sow.

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