Getting over the Bridge

October 21, 2009
By , Belle Mead, NJ
She started out normal.
Had a little fall.
Thought it was all over.
But couldn't make the call.

She started having compulsions.
Unlike no other.
Thought it was temporary and knew it would be over.

With time they strengthened.
My sister wasn't there.
Her problem took over.
No one could understand.

She just made it by.
With issues to overcome.
She couldn't say goodbye.

And didn't let it take over.

Her issues disappeared.
The compulsions were gone
My sister was back.
Nothing was wrong.

It struck back.
The rituals and all.
We didn't know what to do.
It became too much overall.

It became a cycle.
I could not stand.
We had to get more help.
Hoping someone would understand.

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