Don't Leave

October 18, 2009
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What pushes you towards an edge
That cannot be passed?
What pushes you towards such despair
That no one can repair?
Was it one act,
Or countless acts they never thought about?
Was it one person,
Who filled you with so much hate?
Do you know how much we will miss you,
Or do you think that we all hate you enough to be happy you are gone?
Did it occur to you how much it will hurt us,
Or do you think we will through a party?
Let me get this through your head.
I don’t know what you’re thinking.
I have questions too.
But life without you,
There are no questions there.
It wouldn’t be complete.
No matter what you think.
I would be stuck here,
Without you.
Thinking that it was I who was the failure.
And that I failed you.
I would think it was my fault.
And I wouldn’t be able to life with myself without you.
So please don’t go.
Don’t make me feel that way.
Because I love you.
And I need you.
And if you leave me.
I will never forgive you
Or myself.

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