I can live on

October 13, 2009
I can live on
I can live on without you
I don't need you by my side
I can shine on my own
I have my dreams
I have my soul
I can live on to be something more
Life is an endless winding road That only I can take the right Path for me
I believe in me so that I can go Far
Far above the stars and beyond the Rivers, streams and oceans
I can achieve with a heart of gold
All I need is me
For me to be me
For me to be myself
Then everything will lay itself out
Like a large jigsaw puzzle
There may be missing pieces
But I can patch it together
And make it all right again
For me
To achieve my goals and live on to Tell the story of the girl who
Could stand on her two feet all on Her own with a wise mind and Strong spirit that still strives
To go further until there is bliss

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