October 13, 2009
Pencil marks and erasures
Fill the blank page at hand
Mistakes to be forgotten
And replaced by new ones,
New words that cannot
Properly convey the passion,
The original intent,
The pain that we endure,
The experiences that we live through,
The fire within our hearts.
Unfortunately, life is not so.
We cannot erase the past
To forget an unwelcomed memory,
We cannot erase our words
That have penetrated hearts,
We cannot erase actions
That we have pursued without thought
We cannot erase our fury
From when we fought without a cause
And in turn, we cannot erase the pain
Caused by the permanent damage.
Our lives are chapter books
That are written in ink
We have the ability to cross out words
And place them wherever we please
But there will always be evidence of those words
That we regret placing in that story
So when you make a mistake
The best thing to do,
Is to take a blank page
And start anew.

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