Desperate For You

October 13, 2009
By Anonymous

My heart stops and hands get sweaty
Butterflies come to fill an empty space
Everyone around us melt away
And all I see is you.

Your words are golden and your voice is like silk
With eyes like almonds i'm slowly mesmerized
Beautiful tanned skin and sweet smooth lips
The only things I will ever want to kiss.

Your arms surround me and keep me from danger
I hold you tight and feel at home
Your body, so warm, emanates it's heat
Filling my soul to make me feel complete.

Feeling eager, little did I know
That this stupid crush would start to over grow
You've captured my heart and have kept it for a year
These are the are the words I wish you could hear.

I've fallen in love with you, flaws and all
But the hardest part is that you don't know
I don't have the guts to admit these feelings
Because I love you michael chin, and it's not easy

The author's comments:
Everyone feels these certain emotions when they've realized that they are in love. This is how I feel and knowing that I am in love someone who doesn't even know makes me feel so vulnerable and desperate. A lot of people can connect to this poem.

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