daydreams keep me going

October 16, 2009
By , Round Rock, TX
I always find myself
dragging my feet
walking kinda slow
and laying low
listening, waiting
for something to come along
cause its hard to stand strong
when the walls around you
that once stood tall
have all begun to fall
your defenses easily crumble
those dragging feet stumble
and a strong gust could carry you away
how i want to just fly away
but for now i look into the sky
and ask questions
ill never know the answers to
i dream during the day
while i look at the stars
and ignore the flying cars
when night time comes
i put off sleep
cause if i stay awake a bit more
maybe i can keep
these nightmares away
while in this conscious state
i dream what i choose
and no thats somethin
that i hope ill never lose
and if i do, i know
ill lose my sanity too

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