"Those Four Words"

October 16, 2009
By Willow Smith SILVER, Culver, Indiana
Willow Smith SILVER, Culver, Indiana
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Those Four Words

Of all the speeches I have heard
I deem only one worthwhile
“Let them eat Cake!” cried Marie Antoinette
Those four words, and
pastry doomed us all.
There is no need for politics,
nor Para Salin’s fumbled words
Or Cill Bintons “I did not have sex!
…with that woman.” We rarely see
behind a book at Starbucks.
Our need for caffeine…
Our misguided loitering outside KRISPEY KREME
Our drinking game swallowing bourbon ice cream
Why do all our presidents have big ears?
Eyes glazing over as history repeats itself
My fifth grade teacher –so repetitive
As pastry doomed us all.

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Todays society...

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