Heart broken

October 15, 2009
By Lone_wolf SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
Lone_wolf SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
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Hatred replacing your compassion, as your affection backs down, your passion for love, is replaced with hatred. Your love is turned to depression, surrounded by anger and hatred. Yelling and cursing, sobbing and wishing.Regrets, fill your head, now you feel cursed. Wanting to die, or get away from this earth. Wondering why you were birthed. Is love i say, this cruel. Is love this painful, when striped away.Does your heart rip , when your love is torn from you. striped as if u were robbed. Having to build yourself up as if you were a wreck, under reconstruction.
Wishing to be alone. No discussion, just disgusted at yourself and the life your in. So now all you have is happy thoughts and memories, going insane with this depression...

The author's comments:
I was feeling down, and thought to write.

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