October 15, 2009
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who said
thats loves for dreamers
i have had love
held it in my arms
i have kissed love
wiped the tears from loves face
love has kissed
my darkness away
so loves not for dreamers
because i have felt love
held it in my arms
but then i woke up
and found i was holding
empty air
if i could i would
if i fell i hope u will catch me
if i cry i hope its not because of you
if i were to tell you my secret
if you were to laugh
if i was to cry
im tired of ifs
would you let me in your heart
would you be in mine
would you try
would i cry
would i say i love you
would you laugh
i just cant
i wont
please let me not be a disapoiontment
please let me love you
please be here
i need you<3
would you be my savour?
if i was drowning
would you save me?
if i was crying
would you comfort me?
well i am drowning
drowning in my feelings
i am wondering
would you be my savour?
if there was a chance
for me to have you
would you even take a glance
at the possibilities?
if you loved me
would you be happy?
would you need to leave?
to get away
if i was dieing
would you cry?
if i was trying
would you even care?
i want you to be my savour
to save me from myself
i want you to be my savour
because i need you

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