Picture Perfect

October 11, 2009
By Anonymous

she is painting again.
I told her.
it's either she is painting
nature, animals, or people,
she is feeling a bit depressed.
so she might paint,
a stormy weather at sea,
animals looking for food in a blizzard,
or family and friends grieving for the lost,
every time I see her paintings,
it reminds me of something that happened in my life.
her paintings are breath taking and remarkable.
she is only 13.
she had never asked for money,
she is a bright girl,
who has potential to do bigger things in life.
her sweat gentle personality,
melts all the horrid things away.
her paintings brings
hope, love, peace, joy, and forgiveness,
her paintings are picture perfect,

The author's comments:
“This poem happened to be one of my apathetic poems. The ones when I write when I feel no emotion at all. “
“Thank god that the pain is over now…”

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