Remember When

October 10, 2009
Remember when we sat for hours
Talked about our dreams
The day went by so very quickly
When we were together it seems

Remember when we stayed up forever
Just looking at the night sky
We talked about our family and friends
On each other we'd rely

Remember when we were innocent children
Everybody so very kind
The world was great and happy
With not a worry on our mind

Remember when we were best of friends
Nothing could pull us apart
We had dreams of growing up together
We just connected from the start

But that is all gone now
For we have gone our separate ways
Our communication is down to just a call
I wait for one for days and days

Now you're a stranger to me
I wish it'd be the same
But that is how it will be
And probably will never change

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Emily S. said...
Dec. 8, 2009 at 9:48 pm
sadly this poem became true and before i could reconnect our great friendship she died at 18 in a car accident ;(
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