Living in the past but not for the future

October 9, 2009
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Forgetting and forgiving for only a short time
Thinking and knowing for life through yours and mine

We hurt and we cry
We live and we die
But forever will our minds be alive

We dream and we hope
We wish and we provoke
But never will we get what we need

We think and we say
We work and we play
But it will always be transcribed in this way

When we think of what's happened
We never see what's going on
But when we see what's happening
We think of nothing but the colors of crayons
Only in a rainbow

We judge and we assume
We never know what to do

Things in the past were violent as we know
We can't seem to stop that although
If we look to the future we can see such a change
The future is ours and nothing's the same.

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