Green Pastures

October 11, 2009
You are beautiful
Not in the way others see
With their eyes
You are stunning
And radiant
With the rays of the sun
Through my Irish eyes
I can’t help but love you
There is something
Something of another kind
A beast within
A beast that won’t strike
Strike with a mind
A heart of reason
That will make me sing
Turn this voice of a mute
To one of an angel
I can’t help but love you
Nobody challenges us more than you
And I need you for myself
We need you
But I am the one who wishes for you
The only one
Who sees through those blue eyes
With mine of green
Green pastures that I wish for
To be with you on
Only us
This land is our freedom
Athletic endurance
Through land and sea
We can conquer
Not others
But the Garden of Eden
It will not be corrupted
I can’t help but love you
And I don’t mind

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